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What Happens If I Pass Away Without A Will?

Whether you have a formally written estate plan or not, everyone has an estate plan in Florida. If you pass away without a will in Florida, you have passed away “intestate”. If you pass away...

Posted June 03, 2024

What is Probate?

After a death of a loved one, you may be trying to figure out how to deal with that person’s assets and winding up their affairs. Not every estate needs to go through Probate. The number one...

Posted May 20, 2024

What is Probate Continued

If a loved one has passed away, you may want to consult with a Probate attorney to determine whether a Probate is needed. While there is no certain deadline to start a Probate, it is best to meet...

Posted May 19, 2024

Estate Planning Basics

What is Estate Planning? Estate Planning is the process of planning for the disposal and management of a person’s assets in the case of incapacity or death. Doing your estate planning early is...

Posted May 18, 2024

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